In this post I’ll demonstrate how to protect an Azure API App by using App Service authentication; a turn key solution for providing authentication and authorization to any kind of Azure App Service. It supports many types of authentication providers, but for this post I’ll use Azure Active Directory. Once that is set up, I’ll show how to generate a client library for the API using AutoRest. The generated client authenticates with the API App by using a bearer token that is retrieved from Azure AD by providing application identity (service principal) credentials.

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Sander Molenkamp

Sander Molenkamp is a Solution Architect at Info Support with a passion for cloud native architectures. He’s a Microsoft Azure aficionado and a Microsoft Competence Center lead within Info Support, where amongst other things he enjoys co-hosting the dotnetFlix podcast. Sander likes to travel, read books and lives in Heiloo in the Netherlands, with his wife, daughter and cat.

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